Huge shout out to Sage!


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I recently sent an email message, to Chris Andersen at Sage. He's their Technical Services Manager. I had some questions, about a couple of my vintage fiberglass fly rods (one from the 50's, and another from the 60's). My hope was that, someone at Sage was still connected to Don Green (of the Fenwick and Grizzly rod hall of fame).

It worked! Chris forwarded my questions, to one of Sage's engineers (Steve Greist). Steve, in turn, contacted Don Green directly. Then, re-routed Don's reply back to me, via Chris.

These guys could've easily ignored my request. Instead, they went the extra mile. So, I want to give them a public shout out!

If the guys at Sage work this well--when I'm not writing as a customer--just think about how great, their customer service must be!

Thank guys. You rock!


P.S. I hope that Don is doing well, and totally enjoying his retirement!
Yup they rock! As a new customer, I broke a reel seat. Email my issue and a week later the part is on my door step no questions asked, no fee.

Sage has great customer service.

How cool for you that they all talked and got back to you.. very easily could've just blown ya off.