I just want to share the excellent customer service I received from Kokanee tackle on line. I ordered a book and DVD from them. A few days later I get a phone call apologizing that the DVD is going to be late. I tell him it's no big deal and when you receive the DVD just send it with the book. He told me that he will send me a free spinner when he gets the order. About a week later I received another phone call and he tells me that he is still having trouble getting the DVD and will send me a separate DVD on the house (about tolling techniques). I even told him that this is bothering him more than me. When I did receive the DVD I ordered he sent not one but two kokanee spinners.

I don't know when I ever (if ever) I received such excellent and personalized customer service.
I love this.

My wife had a similar customer service model when she owned her business. It is interesting that her most loyal and happy customers came from the difficult transactions and not those that were perfectly smooth.
Great to hear, seems like more and more companies are striving to get back to servicing their customers...
Thanks for sharing..



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That is great to hear, customer service seems to be a thing of the past to alot of companies (especially airlines!).

I would also like to make a shout out to Chad at Steelhead Stalkers, a couple years ago he was replacing the top end of a rod he built me from a rainshadow blank (which i broke). It took longer than he thought so he sent me some scent, like 10 packs of worms and other goodies. A pleasant suprise indeed! I LOVE that rod, she is the only one i really care about and baby. Landed 3 steelhead on that rod this week :thumb: