How to make a trigger snare to use for fishing


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Found this and thought I would share. I'm thinking about going out to my father-in-laws property this weekend and setting up a few and seeing how it does.

Remember that you want to make it light enough of a pull so that it just sets the hook in the fishes mouth and pulls it up a bit. You dont want too much force it and rips the hook right through the fishes mouth!



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I'd say just go with a conventional rod and reel, using gear that isn't "closely attended" is illegal in OR, and a salmon or steelie will likely bust off if you don't have a drag system.


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No, No, No, you missed the point. Once the snare is triggered by the fish the limb springs taunt and lifts the fish right out of the water. Warning, do not stand behind spring pole...WACK!