Hope the forecast is right


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3 float trips on 3 local rivers around Coos Bay in the past 2 weeks have produced NO steelhead. Plugs, side drift, spinners,jigs,you name it, nada. Yesterday the color was good, water a little low and nothing. My 10 day shows about 3 inches around here in the next week .Lets hope so .Until then, the gear stays in the shop along with the boat. HAVE FUN!


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Yeah went out yesterday and it was SLOW. Really hope we do get the rain, looks like it might be a decent amount. Forecast is dry the week after the predicted rain though :mad:


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Yep. We are in a drought! Hard to believe, but it was in the news. And not fake. lol

@Gulfstream did you try "summer run tactics"...i.e. using smaller OFFerings? Although it's the rain that will actually trigger the run; as we all know.
The question now is where to go? Some rivers cleared today and more tomorrow, even more Friday and Saturday. Lots of choices and good chances at fish.


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With lack of fish, I havent been getting as excited to fish, other than to work on casting.
Hoping broodstock programs start kickin out a few more.