Homemade stinkbait for some cats!!

I'm going to attempt to make some homemade stinkbait for bullhead. Here's my recipe. Suggestions are welcome!

Brie Cheese
Chicken Liver
Bacon Grissel
Flour (for moldability)

I plan to blend them all into a smear with my wife's food processor. (She's gonna kill me) Hopefully this will turn into a doughy substance that I can treble hook. I'm hoping for turbo dough consistency. I was also thinking garlic and a separate batch with glitter.

I'll let everyone know how it turns out. :D
IMHO going that far out of your way to catch bullhead is a waste of time. They are very easy to catch with just worms or pretty much anything else. The key to catching them is fishing when they are active. They typically feed from about an hour before dark till about an hour after first light, with a short slow spell from about 1:30-3:30. I have spent many a night fishing for them and it's pretty much nonstop action. The only problem is Bullhead don't get very big so there rarely worth retaining for food. Rarely do they exceed 2lbs and the world record is 6lb 5oz. They are pretty dang good eating if you can get one big enough. They are a pain in the butt to clean though.
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You should mix up a couple different ratios and see which works best.

I have a strong bias for bloody liver, so I'd try one with lots of liver, or even blood from the butcher if you are really serious.

My catfishing bible claims the best ever bait for channels is congealed blood tied up like eggs. That might be a tough sell for the wife. I've never tried it.
What beaverfan said, but I'd use it for channel cats.
Ya I'm sure it would be a great channel cat bait!
Id recomend some marshmallow creme. It will float with the marshmallow, just like power bait.
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