help please!

rippin fish lips
1) Is the Coho/Chinook on the umqua at winchesterbay season going to be closed
before this friday the (10th)?

2) I know plug-cut herring is the prefered pick with anglers. But the set up before the leader, or before the herring. What is it called?

3) Can anyone post pictures of a set up?

4) This whole bead chain rig set up is new to me. How do i rig it?

5) What knots do i use?

Thanks, Tanner.
some people use spreaders, some people use 3 way swivels , I prefer the slider method. first on main line is a bead then one of those short 1/2 inch sliders then your bead chain swivel. then if u want flash attach like 10 inch of line preferably heavier than your leader so if u get snagged u don't lose your flash then your flash then your leader to your herring..then simply attach your lead line to your slider .

so it goes bead,slider,swivel,short line, flash, leader with herring on end, and lead line on slider i will try to post a pic tomorrow. Good luck tight lines
rippin fish lips
Ok i understand that. Try to get a pic posted anyways :) it will help a little and help with other ppl with this same question.
Thanks, Tanner.
rippin fish lips
Would the free sliding weight set up work with just herring on the end of it?

Would this set up work with a dodger and 5 foot of leader? If so how do i rig that one up?
Sorry, I was showing the pics to help. I'll defer to those more experienced to answer your other questions.
Why dont you stop by one of these nights after i get off work or i dont work thursday so that could also work. I can show you how i rig my gear up. pretty sure you live right down the road. Also any extra seats?
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