Has anyone tried to build their own shooting head??


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I'll have been thinking about cutting the head off a discontinue (but new) fly line, adding loops, and using it as a shooting head? Maybe this could be an example, the Coldwater Clouser. Not long ago, this line was an $80 line, but now it is a $30 (+Shipping) line on eBay every day. Looking at the back of the box at the profile, the head would work as an overhead line, flip the head around and it could be a Spey head.

[As anyone tried flipping a Skagit or Sandi around, and casting it overhead?]


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I have been fishing for about 70 years, but I only become interested in Spey in the last 3 or 4 years. My first fly rod was made with steel telescoping tubes and the lines came with letters (A thru E), not weights. My dad had 2 bamboo rods that game with 2 different tips (still have both).

A couple of years ago I had to have both shoulds rebuild, and I've started to live in my chair fulltime. So, I don't fish much anymore, but I still think about it. Watch some fishing on TV, U-tube, and read fishing forums.

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Bake! For the last year and half I have been center pinning (drift) constantly. It takes less effort , covers more water and is low impact. Check it out on u-tube. Tony