Happy new year!


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Happy New Year everyone! As most of us know, we’re amidst our Winter Steelhead season. December started off quieter than usual, but it seems over this past week they started to pulse in with the rains and are in catchable numbers if one knows where to look.

I have some seats that I’m trying to fill this January, including some this week. This Thursday the 3rd, I had a cancellation, and with the water conditions how they are, Id like to try and fill it. Next dates are the 7/8th, and 10/11th. With the forecast, these are definitely some good option fishing days, where I expect to do quite well.

Text/Call; 971-275-6725

Cheers everyone!


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Which rivers do you fish. Coastal, or others? Just curious as some day I might want to take advantage of being just a fisherman and not running a boat. Going with a guide can be absolutely fun and relaxing.
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I hear ya Irish! I focus on the Tillamook County area. For Springer/Summers I split the time between said area, and Clackamas river.