Happy Birthday to me :)

So, yesterday was my b-day (I'll forgive the forum's oversight in not having a happy b-day thread for the future ruler of all man-kind - this time), and, despite the day itself being pretty mediocre (especially for being my 30th bday), gift wise it was pretty good. Those family who remembered my bday all gave cash (I'm thinking at the prodding of youngfishtyler, mostly) to replace the rods I broke a while back - which was really cool.

I decided to treat myself to a nice rod or two - and wound up getting way more of a new-rod-birthday donation fund than I ever could've dreamed, which was doubly cool. I'd already had some cash set aside to replace a rod as a birthday present to myself - which I did with the Cabela's LSi 9' 4 piece 6 weight. I paired it up with a Cabela's Prestige Plus mid arbor reel, and a Cabela's Prestige line (which was much better than the last couple cabela's lines I got). Wonderfully light, crisp rod itself. Even better when I got that rod on sale for $113, vs the $189 regular price (and the LSi rods went off-sale and back to regular price on Tuesday.) Santa In Brown - aka my UPS guy came at 10AM this morning and delivered my LSi setup.




My wife & I picked up Tyler when he got off work this morning, and we headed over to see Don at River City, with a mission to buy a rod or two (wasn't sure yet.) Keeping in mind that trout season is winding down, steelhead & salmon is winding up, along with the thought of *maybe* a carp trip or two before the weather goes completely to crap, I was leaning toward a heavy rod.

First rod I cast was the Echo Ion 9' 7 weight. I really liked how that rod cast, but I didn't want to make a snap decision - so I decided to cast another rod or two. Don had an Echo Ion 10' 8 weight that was nice and light - the nicest 8 weight I've ever cast. Decisions, decisions. Between the 9-7 and the 10-8, I really was torn - so practicality won out and I opted for the 10' 8 weight - but decided to over-line it with a #9 line (since I cast the 7 with an 8 weight line, and it slowed the rod down just enough to make it really sweet. The 10-8 with the 8 weight line was nice, but just a bit stiffer than I normally like, hence my choice to go with the 9 line). I paired the new rod up with the Echo ION 810 reel - this thing is massive. It's got 150 yards of 20lb backing the Echo WF9 line (you couldn't get more Echoy with this getup!). Best part? Don was super cool and threw the line and backing in free with the rod/reel purchase.




It's been said before, but I'll say it again. Tim Rajeff & crew really know their shipoopy - these Echo rods CAST. My next rod purchase, without a doubt, will be an Echo two-handed fly rod. Still got to choose, do I want one of the Tim Rajeff series, or one of the Dec Hogans. Either way, I'm going with Echo hands down. Best part - I only need to buy a spare spool or two for the Ion reel, since it's so massive, I can re-use it for the full on spey rod.

And of course we couldn't get out of the store with just my purchase - Tyler is a budding fly tier, so he needed materials. We got him set up with materials to tie up some pheasant tails and a few other basic patterns, along with some tippet material.

I'm meeting my buddy Jason early tomorrow morning to go slay some crappie and hopefully some bass at a super secret location close to his place. I'm taking the new rods, and my trusty ol' Luhr-Jensen ultra light spin rod. I've tied up a few more woolly buggers in brighter colors for the crappie, so hopefully the LSi will get a nice bend in it tomorrow. Jason's got to be off the water by 2 to get ready for work - so I figure I'll probably head further toward the coast and see how the Echo works out, crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that I can put a bend in it with a fish that rhymes with mealbed or whamon. :)

A trip to the Deschutes is in the planning stages now. Thinking Thursday next week. THAT will be a killer trip, no doubt. :D


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Happy Birthday!! :dance: :clap: Sorry we all missed it,but it looks like you did alright without us. That is a sweet birthday gift,I'm sure you will get plenty of use out of it.
By the way,if you don't put your birthday in your profile,the powers that be can't let the rest of us know when to celebrate. :think:
Raincatcher said:
By the way,if you don't put your birthday in your profile,the powers that be can't let the rest of us know when to celebrate. :think:

I think he did okay notifying on his own...
Nice setups brother! Happy Birthday to you!
:) RC, I thought I had entered b-day in profile. I'll hafta double check that.
Happy Birthday dude. Have a good one! :)
Happy Birth Day Bro.

Catch some biggun HawgS.
Beautiful rod,reel setups.

Happy birthday dude! Looks like you did well...
Thanks for the set ups by the way!
Nice rods GU!

thats a hell of a bday right there.. happy late bday mark. have fun with those rods!
Oh to be 30 again...If I could remember that far back! :shock: :rolleyes:

And when can I sign up, to become an OFFicial member of your family? It looks like they bank-rolled you quite nicely! :cool:

We'll be sittin' on hooks n' swivels in anticipation of your next few fishing reports.
Better late than never....hope your day was a good one...by the evidence, I think it was.
lilsalmon said:
by the evidence, I think it was.

He certainly did show a "preponderance of the evidence" in this here OFF courtroom, didn't he? The defense rests, your honor.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Nice finds! Happy Birthday man!
I'm jealous...I need to get out to the Deschutes soon as well! That river is much too close for me NOT to hit it at least once a month!
Easier said than done..
Happy bday GU!!
Happy Belated Birthday GU. Nice haul of presents. Be sure and give us a report on the Deschutes trip and Crappie hunt.
Hi it is my first post on this website and at first I would like to thank you for the nice set up.. keep up the great work dude!
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