Hagg bass report 5/28

I went out to Hagg on Sunday 5/28 in my kayak. Got on the water just after 6 am and fished till about 10 am. I launched from the Scoggins Creek picnic area and fished out around the grass flats near there. The water temps were right about 70 or just under. I started with a white spinnerbait with one Colorado blade and one willow blade. That one has been very trusty for me at Hagg. I caught one on about my 5th cast, and hooked a second that came off in the grass a couple casts later. Then I changed over to a little walking bait that has worked really well for smallies on the Willamette, but no luck there, they weren't interested in top water. I tied on a weightless senko style bait and fished in the pockets of grass and caught 4 more within an hour and a half or so. I searched around with the spinnerbait and caught one more bringing my total to 6, mostly under 2 lbs, one might have been around 3, definitely bigger then the rest. Not a bad outting for just 4 hours on a perfect morning. They're really fired up right now at Hagg and with the weather cooling off a bit now I bet they'll stay shallow for a while longer. Tight lines! 


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Thanks for your report. You played it like I did Saturday, get on the water early then head out before the crowds get too bad..

Pole Bendahz

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Good report! They are definitely turned on shallow, I got to watch two beautiful bass guarding their bed very close to the bank the other day.... I couldn't bring myself to throw at them, too many people keep bass at hagg when there are thousands of better-tasting trout/crappie/perch/suns swimming around in there. I think if we practiced more CnR, there would be substantial population of 1-3 pound bass in the lake, even with the pressure it gets
It does surprise me that all the bass are pretty much the same size in there. It's like I catch the same one over and over. I wonder if it's lack of cover so the big guys have nowhere to hide and can't really get big. 

Matt Man

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That Friday I watched a smallmouth chase by Rebel Crawfish Crankbait, but couldn't get a bite. Think it was too big honestly. This was just north of Ramp C by the downed trees.
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