had to put the pup down =/

rippin fish lips
he went throught our front window and it put 2 gashes in his leg about 4 inches long. they couldnt stop the bleeding. looked like a murder seen in the house. now im gunna have to actaully use my alarm clark to get up in the mornings now! lol
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Awww crapppy man... That is terrible.
Sorry to hear that, always sad to lose a pet
Indeed a bummer. Sorry to hear that kind of news.
Dude, that sucks!!! Sorry man.
This is so terrible. I'm sorry this happened bro.
I know the pain of losing a loved pet member of the family. Sorry for your loss RFL.
Thats horrlible man. I've gota roti and a pitbull and they are like my kids. I hate to hear about anything like this.... sorry for your loss.
So sorry to hear about your pup......it always sucks to lose a pet
man sorry to hear that....RIP rfl's avatar! hopefully he runs into my pup up there somewhere
Aw hell I'm sorry. I'd be pretty devastated if I were to lose any of my three girls, they're my kids.
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