Greenpeter today


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Went to greenpeter today. Got 6 kokanee in the boat lost probably 10 at the boat due to I only had my kids. They had a lot of fun though. Not much wind picked up around 1 but was perfect for wind trolling. Fish weren't long but getting fat with full bellys. Got a couple trout too one was pretty big. Tried to put pictures up but don't know how. All in all it was a good day. Side note they were inspecting boats which is good I got my sticker. Make sure you have what you need to be safe and tight lines.


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Never fished GP but took a ride up there a couple of months ago to check it out . Beautiful res. but the parking at thistle spooked me. How do you park there ?. Seems like you would have to unhitch your trailer and move it in by hand. No way I could back in with my crewcab and trailer without taking out someones side panel . Didn't see the other ramp it was closed.
Will take a trip to Dorena next week for a shake down on my grady just got back after a big expense at Clements Marine.
Pic are a pain to figure out I'm still learning, seems like you need a smart phone which is too smart for me.
Great you can take the kids and great report.


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Parking isn't to bad in the upper part. I have a crewcab long box and 18' boat parked with no problem. That ramp can get pretty busy though so get there early or you might be waiting a while to launch your boat.