Green Peter report 1/28/17


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With reports of fish being caught the prior weekend and this past Sunday's forecast for good weather I decided it was time for kokanee trip #1 of 2018.

Had my good buddy Gary along for the ride. Absolutely zero wind all day and we even had to break out the sunscreen! We were on the water a little after 9:00 and called it quits around 3:30. We flat lined two rods for about two hours, they were not producing but our deeper lines at 12 and 20ft were so we dropped all the gear between 12ft and 27ft.

After we picked up a few fish and started dialing it in we found the best bite between 10:30 to 12:30. Lots of schools at 40 and 60 feet but they were lock jaw so we gave up on them fairly quickly after a few attempts to get them to play. South West of the Island produced the best for us. We encountered one school that spanned from 20 ft all the way down to 60ft and that resulted in a Quad and we were lucky enough to get all of them in! If we had the ability to follow that school or if they had stayed put it would have been lights out! But they were on the move and we didn't see them again.

It slowed up around 1:00 with a fish here and a fish there to finish out the day. Almost all the schools we were marking at 40 and 60 seemed to move out of the area.

Called it a day with 17 in the cooler and a Rainbow that was just shy of 16". A small bug lure that I make seemed to be the most effective for both of us. no beads, no blade just a bug.

Not a bad day at all in my book considering it's only January. Fish are 10" to a little shy of 12" most around the 11" mark. Should be a good summer for the lake and there is plenty of time for those fish to keep growing!



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Great report. Always good to hear about GP. So what is that bug called .Thought I had almost every kok lure made but haven't seen that one. Reminds me of the old Seps bug from 30yrs ago. What dodger worked ? Should be a great yr for GP. A bit of a drive for me , I'll be waiting for Odell and Wickiup.
Send more reports and pics.


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I make the bugs myself. I tend to not put them into the line up that I offer to the masses because of the time it takes to make the darn things. Tying over the leader knot is a pain but these little guys have proven to be effective.

We ran Arrow Flash dodgers and also a caught fish on a Prototype Stainless Steel dodger that we were testing. It was roughly on par with the Arrow Flash. Troll speed was 1.2/1.3 mph.
Tired adding a link of a video of the action hopefully it works. Video is the test dodger and a pink/orange tube fly.