Got snow?

Rock, Rut, Tractor, Fix! one thing I hate is a rough driveway. Usually I have to drag every spring with my bike and a drag I made but do not have any rock to replace what got washed away. But this year I was able to fix the road and will drag it out later to make it nice and smooth. Since getting Jolly I have used the heck out of it and now I am able to use it for repairs after the snow. One of my neighbor burns wood so I am taking the Oak down to him. Being retired, I only have to worry about getting active a few hours a day. Oh Happy Days.



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10 days without pwr.
Came on last night at 6pm. I had a beer can chicken on the barbeque and made a meal for the linemen (2 guys).
Pwr came on for the 1st mile of the road 2 days ago and they ended it 150yrds from my hse. That was really frustrating
Still have 2 neighbors 1 1/2 miles away that wont get any service for 2 more weeks. Major line damage but no broken poles. Only a cat or excavator can make it into the terrain for repairs because of the snow and downed trees. At least the roads are open. The cat 14e road grader got stuck but the county crew didn't chain up all 4axles and had to call for a plow truck to pull them out. Now the neighbors at the end of the road can get out and are safe.
Have a road about 4miles away that the county wont plow and they are really pissed that we got our road open
This was really just a 2 day event but the chaos that it cause is hard to believe.
Learned alot from this
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After 10 days without power I would of greeted em with a 1 finger salute. But after that long in this household it would of been Zombie Apocalypse time!