Good crab bait

If anyone has some frozen shad they woul like to get rid of, I would like to see if we come together on a price. I don't get around very well so I don't a try to catch them myself . Thanks. Qwapaw


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I have some steelhead carcasses I could give you, no shad though. If I remember correctly I bought a reel from you a couple years ago and you're in my neck of the woods.
I have found tuna bodys n head work great. I can my own so I buy the whole tuna but if you are interested check out some of the places that sell filleted tuna, maybe they will sell you a couple. The other thing I do is check my local fish markets to see if they have anything, I know Sherm's sells the head and carcus (sp) when they have them and they are better than chicken. I also use enclosed steel traps to keep the seals at bay.