Good bye, sigh o nara, adios etc.

Sorry not what you think or hope. I am running away with the boss, and the wife for a week. We have a weeks reservation at Bullards and during this heat I think we will appreciate it. Not going to do any fishing or crabbing though. I was going to take my boat but situations prohibit it. However we are going to go "CHARM CHASING"!! They have a thing going on that stretches from REEDSPORT, thru COOSBAY/CHARLESTON, down to BANDON and up to COUQILLE/MYRTLE POINT. There are a total of 52 charms that you can get for $1.50 apiece and it is kind of like a SNIPE hunt except they do exist. Each charm is different and the event goes into December and there is even a bracelet for the charms. All the charms are different like the one at the A&W in Myrtle Point is a hamburger, the saddle shop there is a small saddle, the hospital in Bandon is a small stethoscope the one where they are doing the Carousel thing in Coquille was a small carousel etc. For the wife it is fun, for me well (naturally) I grumble a little but it is fun and kind of like looking for that trophy bull or buck or salmon etc. its is just the challenge of finding where it is and it makes the wife happy, gives a weekend or day away with play in mind. There is a map that goes with it and each place is marked off when you find it. She found out about it at Charley Town in Charleston. Any way while we are enjoying our second or third childhood we may be going to go as far south as the Border(maybe as that makes me awful scared) and may even take a day to go to the Waves End in Depoe Bay and stay out of this heat...108 f. is just to dang hot anymore.:congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory::congratulatory:


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Good luck on the charm chasing. It sounds kind of like pokemon go but for people who don't like apps!


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Good luck on the charm chasing. It sounds kind of like pokemon go but for people who don't like apps!
Haha. Yep. Old school Pokemon Go....except you actually have something and you don't look like a dork running around staring at a phone. Have fun gathering booty ya pirate.


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Diamond Lake Charlie;n598073 said: the one at the A&W in Myrtle Point...
Ha! I know that joint! My brother-in-law/sister-in-law live about 1/2 mile from the A&W...I know it well :)
Made it back went as far south as Brookings, found a really nice 454 cousal(sp), then went as far north as Depoe Bay, before the fire. We ended up getting all but four of the charms we needed which was around 16 so we have one trip left. I had planned on taking my boat over also but glad I didn't. Fishing did not impress me at all. Got an email from my youngest grandson, he is on one of the fires in Medford, some ridge fire. This is his second year of fire fighting and he is already a crew chief, yep pretty proud of him as he is only 21. Last year he got rookie of the year. As some of you may know I am a fan of Big Foot, while in Depot Bay we found a shop called "SOCKS' and found a matching pair of socks and brief underwar, going to give them to my son for Christmas. We actually found two different types of big foot socks so we got a pair of each for him. Last year I found a pair of "Big Foot" slippers and got a pair for him and his step son.
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