Good battery to run a trolling motor?

I need to know of a good battery to run my bow mount trolling motor but want to keep it $100.00 or less anyone know much about batteries and what i should run i have a 46lb thrust bow mount.
Combat Chuck
I went to bi-mart and got the biggest deep cycle marine battery they had. I have a 42lb bow mount and havent had a problem yet. Cost about $80? I think.
any Deep Cycle batter should work. they are the same for boats and RVs (i think)
my trolling motor is only a 30# thrust but it will run all day on a bi-mart deep cycle marine. It's probably the next size down from combat chuck's because I only paid $65.00 for it.
On my boat i have a Minnkota Edge 50lb thrust 12 volt bow mount. I got a Everstart deep cycle battery from Walmart. Seems to me it was $62.

I've heard on the rv forums that Costco & Sam's Club also have a decent deep cycle battery at a fair price.

I used to get Trojan T105 batts but now they want a fortune fer them.:lol::lol::lol::lol:
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