Gold Beach


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Ok Whip, bottom fish have gotten toooo easy for you and your crew.
Call me some time and we'll talk HALIBUT. Like 50-110 lb's
I can't post it ,still have old timers in gold Beach that curse me about the Garden.. Even when its on all the maps.


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Splashed the boat at 6 and was greeted to a F A C ocean. Headed south west about 23 miles.Stopped short of the numbers we had from yesterday and only got 3 rods in and KLABAMO a double, of tanks. Stayed within about 5 miles of 00 and 40 .Quit at 11 with 12,lost 3.we had 6 over 20 and only 3 peanuts .Heard of a few Dorado caught as well HAVE FUN!IMG_5795.JPG
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