Gold Beach bottomfish


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Made it to GB on 7/5 with my 17ft in tow for a 1day event. NOOA said 2ft sea and 5mph wind with fog .not the case.
Headed out to clear and warm sky's and light wind with maybe 20 boats in sight ( the dredge is still there).
Went out to the whistle and found a reef I like drop down the shimpfly's and had 2 blacks in 1 min. As the morning goes ended up with 1 cap-limit of lings and blacks within I hr. No blacks on the surface and huge schools of blacks and blues sometimes 40ft thick on the sonar. No big lings or reds but lots of smaller lings to catch and release. A super fast drift wind aided that resulted in a lot of lost gear.
Wind came up and turned into a "Exciting" trip in with wind waves pounding me from all directions.
Cleaning station was so full there was a hr wait. Saw some huge lings and reds at the table.Decided to head home and stop at Bandon at Bullards to clean the fish. Had to wait there as some large boats were loading up and cleaning their limits. Saw some impressive fish at the table with lings over 20lbs and some really large reds. All in all a fun and quick trip



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The good news is you got fish to the boat. Those forecast can be though. Sometimes it seems like a roll of the dice especially with the wind.