Gilbert River boat ramp???

Trying to make sure I don't break any rules, is catch and release allowed for sturgeon from the Gilbert River boat ramp?


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So, if you don't mind someone who lives in another state jumping in, from the research I've done, it looks like you would be fine fishing for sturgeon catch and release in the Multnomah Channel. The area closed to sturgeon fishing is from the falls to the Lake Oswego railraod bridge. [h=2]Willamette River (Mainstem)[/h]
Mouth to Willamette Falls including Multnomah Channel/Willamette Slough/and Gilbert River
  • Open all year for hatchery Chinook salmon and hatchery steelhead.
  • Open for hatchery coho salmon Aug 1 – Oct 31.
  • 10 walleye per day, of which no more than 5 may be over 18 inches, and only 1 over 24 inches per day.
  • Catch-and-release for sturgeon.
  • Sturgeon angling is prohibited from the Lake Oswego-Oak Grove RR bridge up to Willamette Falls May 1 – Aug 31.
  • Use of bait allowed.
  • The Gilbert River is closed Jan 1 – Apr 15 and Oct 1 – Dec 31.
  • Closed: Oregon City Wall Bank Closure Area; see picture/diagram for closure area.
  • Closed: Willamette Falls Closure Area; see picture/diagram for closure area.
Hehe, I take any help... I think the issue is that they closed/changed fishing regulations around the Sauvie Island due to poachers, thats the part that I am not sure about. That particular boat launch is where the Gilbert dumps into the channel, so a bit of a gray area. I have fished there years past when it was open, and it is a pretty good sturgeon hole. We shall see... I may call ODFW for clarification, sadly last time I did so they were clueless.

I saw that you are heading into town and you were looking for Sturgeon, kelly point will be a pretty good bet for C&R. West Linn docks like you said can be quite good, but lots of snags. I do ok there if I don't cast too far out and completely let my weight hit the bottom, without reeling at all before i feel the bottom. Once you hit the bottom, carefully and slowly tighten your line.