Anyone know what sort of swell to look out for when going to Garibaldi jetty? Want to go tomorrow but last time I went the swells were way too big to fish. If I do go, what size jigs for rockfish?

Here is where I go to look:

I normally don't fish the jetty when the surf is over 4-5ft. This is mainly because I like to use light jigs when going for the bass to better imitate a injured slow moving target. However, if you are fishing a drop shot or just with bait with heavier weight you can probably get away with 5-6ft swells maybe even 7ft but thats pushing it. Since if you look at the forecast and the swells are very large if I were to even try I would definitely only fish the first parking lot before the campground. Fish tend to be a little smaller here but the waves are much calmer since you are much further in and therefore you can still fish when the seas are pretty rough. Hope this helps feel free to pm me if you have any other specific questions.

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dcarbonari thanks so much. What do you use when going for fish?
For sea bass I use 1/4-1/2 oz jig heads and 2-4” plastic swim baits. Use assorted colors such as browns, whites, and blacks. For lingcod if you have a heavier salmon rod I run 65 lb braid and 50lb mono leader. I use 2-3 oz jig heads and I have great success with Berkeley gulp 6” grubs in white and nuclear chicken. Sometimes fishing squid on the bottom can be the ticket also
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