Galesville 3/30/2019


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Made it back to Galesville 3/30 late about 11am. Clear day no wind and a pretty crowed ramp. Big plants have drawn a lot of people but its Sat and word got out that fishing is pretty good.
Lots of bank angles maybe 100+ lined up along the entire north side doing great really better than us boat people.
Lots of familys in boats and on shore with some small kids having a blast. Almost guarantee a limit .
Caught our 2 limits plus lost as many and released a few.
Water 54 degrees and a light brown plus lots of debris .
No sign of crappie on the FF but in a month when water clears should be great
Rangers patrolling the ramp and talked to one . Thank her for watching the rigs. She said you don't want to leave it unattended in the winter.
Nice camp ground and cabins also