Funny how things happen

Diamond Lake Charlie
As most of you may know I am not a so called "spring chicken" and sometimes things happen that are rather surprising but pleasant. First of all a few months ago I was talking with a Korean Vet in the supper market and I mentioned I had been in Viet Nam and when this rather nice gal found that out and she gave me a nice Kiss on the lips which was rather nice. The other day I was one my way into a building while others were on there way to work and this rather nice looking gal about half my age came up behind me and put her arm around my waist and we finished walking into the building. And before you ask yes I do tell my wife about these instances, including one that happened a few years ago I cannot mention here. I feel it is better to be up front and honest with her than have her hear about them through the grape vine. Have any of you older gents been so fortunate? If so it would be nice to hear about them!!
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Shaun Solomon
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