Fun time at Hagg Lake.

The fish were biting like crazy and they were all chubby 12-inch fish. Some lady even got one that was 22 inches. My dad and I fished for about 2 hours. We fished different spots for about 1 hour and got nothing. I decided to move because of the algae kept covering my power bait. My dad stayed at the other spot for about 15 more minutes and got one fish. We then moved closer to boat ramp A for about 30 minutes nothing really happened other than a few small bites. The the last 30 minutes the fish started to bite, I changed from a dough bait to yellow garlic eggs. My dad caught two on them so I thought I would try them:D. We had about 2 fish and only 10 mins left to fish. I think a school of recently stocked fish must have moved in because we caught 4 nice trout in 10 mins, The bite was so good we caught all the four trout in less than one minute of casting.