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I think I orginally posted this in the wrong spot under trout fishing. My apologies. I am looking to get out and try some freshwater fishing around the Tillamook area with my kids. Most of the fishing we do is either surf or jetty. We went to Henry Hagg like a while back and did pretty well. I took my youngest to Dorman pond and he caught a bluegill (first fish ever). I’m looking for other areas that may be productive (any fish species really) during the winter time. It seems like most of the coastal lakes are very slow in the winter. I was looking at North and South lakes past Hebo lake but I’m not sure how they will fish in the winter. Any help on cool spots to try within about an hour and fifteen minutes of Tillamook would appreciated.
No worries; I deleted your duplicate thread.

I have an affinity for the Hebo area. My paternal grandparents, had a home on the Little Nestucca in the 70's. Gramps had a brick smoke house in the back yard too. But I digress...

North Lake is too brushy to fish well, from the bank. The same is true for South Lake. Both are largely float tube, canoe, raft types of lakes. Plus the road to South Lake is a bit treacherous in the Fall and Winter.

HOWEVER...Hebo Lake is closer and only 4 miles OFF of Hwy. 22. And it's a PERFECT place to take your youngin's. You might find some holdover rainbows. And before they drained it, and dug it out more, a few years ago it had a good population of catfish too. I don't if that's still true or not.

There is also Lake Lytle in Rockaway. Which also sometimes contains hold over rainbows.

Those are the closest and likely the best opportunities, to catch fish. There are a couple of other lakes that are open. But they can only fished along Hwy. 101. Which could be a safety hazard for your kids.

Good luck and let us know how you do.
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Appreciate the reply. We went to Hebo Lake once and had a great time. It was right after they stocked. I’m glad to hear there may be some holdovers. We may have to get out there this weekend if the weather permits.
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