Freeze fried razor clams


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We love making pan fried clam strips and improved ours recently by including the freezer in the process, so here goes:

Get some clams, any kind you like. In my case that means razor clams,
I got this limit in about 90 minutes last Tuesday just after a 5am / -0.3' low.

We use a standard 3 step coating: flour dredge, egg wash, half panko-half bread crumb coating.
(hey, what are those mooching rigs and bead swivels doing in my kitchen? lol )
PS- that is a full size dinner plate!

Before coating, I slice my razors lengthwise to make long strips.
(there they are again, it's almost like salmon are about to open on the Siuslaw. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

New step: after coating, lay the clam strips out on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for 20 minutes. cook some bacon to get the pan ready.

add some light oil to the bacon juice, cook on medium heat to get a nice golden coating. doing this after the freezer step keeps the clams from overcooking!

I like mine to be bite size, so last step is to nip them into smaller bits with a pair of scissors,
the 3 step coating process does a good job of keeping the crunchy bits from falling off.

tender clam strips with a crispy golden coating.
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Gulfstream;n613197 said:
I see you tried the rack method.Works good huh!
absolutely, using a cooling rack with paper towels under it works great to cool them coming out of the pan and let any extra oil drip OFF them...