Forum rules...refresher course.


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1.1 It is prohibited to post any materials, including but not limited by text, pictures or video, that are illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, irritating, dishonest, slander, inappropriate, pornographic, spam, or inciting race, ethnic or other strife.
1.2 All forms of insult are prohibited - direct ("you are xxx"), indirect ("you look like xxx"), or correspondence ("John - xxx"). It is also prohibited to respond or encourage an insult. If you see a post including an insult (directed at you or any other member) use the "Report Post" triangle icon to inform the Administration about it.
1.3 All material posted and discussed is the property of the forum. None of the participants (including the author of a topic) can arbitrarily set who is allowed to participate in any discussion.
1.4 When quoting other people's messages , quote only what you need to understand, and what you answer to. Don't quote the entire post.
1.5 The Administration does not delete the threads by member request (to respect the rights of others who participated in the thread ).

2. Forum moderation.

2.1 The Administrator of the forum, Anatoliy, sets the rules of communication. Being the creator and owner of this forum, he has the right to make requests, and those requests must be repsected and honored with without objection.
2.2 The Administrator, Moderators, and Super Moderators performs duties and tasks to help keep the forum enjoyable. Those task include maintaining civility and respect in the discussions here. The Admin Mods and Super Mods will issue warnings and the administration reserves the right to ban for any length of time, including permenantly, any member found in violation of the forum guidlines.
2.3 Requests by the Admin., Mods., and Super Mods., must be respected and obeyed. This is for the respect and the functionality of the forum. All members reserve the right to communticate via private message, any concerns or requests, to a Mod., Super Mod., or Admin. in regard to any discussion or thread.
2.4 All comments or complaints in respect to the actions of an individual moderator must be made to the Administrator, Anatoliy. Not all messages will be responded to.

The rules and regulations of The Oregon Fishing Forum must be followed at all times. If you are found not to be in compliance with or in objection to the regulations, you will be banned from forum membership. The Administrator reserves the right to modify, add to, or remove rules at anytime.

While Oregon Fishing Forum welcomes buying, selling and trading between members, we do not want to risk allowing spammers or scammers the opportunity to take advantage of our valued members. To prevent this a member must meet strict criteria;
1. Be a member for a minimum of 30 days.
2. Be a contributing member by posting a minimum of 30 posts.
3. Website links are not allowed within pictures or videos until the aforementioned criteria is met.
4. No illegal activity will be tolerated, authorities will be notified immediately if such activity is suspected.
5. Members are allowed to add a website or blog site link to the signature after 30 days.
6.Chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations are not allowed.

All regulations are effective immediately.