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since i am starting with micro sized jigs iw ant to get started on flies also, i will mainly be fishing nymphs and i need to know what kind of materials i will need forfor these flies and maybe a few more, wont get started on this for a few more months but my parents told me to make a list of materials and pin it to the fridge so here i am once again asking for help Lol here are a few of the flies i will want to tie when that time comes around : bead head prince, stonfly nymph ,bead head hares ear and maybe a few others thanks for any input i want to make this list before i forget about it

Just got some info on a new Fly Shop in West Linn that opened in October who may be able to help you out:
The wife just gave a gift certificate for $100 so I can go on a 6 hr fly fishing float trip on the Clack to hone my single hand spey techniques. Trip is $150.
They mentioned on their website that if you stop in, they would help discuss fly tying and have you make some on the spot if I read it correctly.
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thanks :D
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YouTube - Tying the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Fly

Try some of the available you tube tutorials for tying flies. I wish these were available 30 years ago when I started tying. They will provide the pattern ingredients and show the method used. The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene is another good source of tying videos for some classic and updated flies.

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thanks dale, and ive been watching caddis fly videos for a long time very informative they even tell you what type of water the fly they are tying works best in time for me to look at some videos!!

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