Florida man catches a whopper of a grouper!


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PALMETTO, Florida -- A Florida fishermen is celebrating his colossal catch. He reeled in a mammoth Warsaw grouper that weighed almost 350 pounds.
Tony Panipinto was participating in a weekend fishing tournament at the time. It didn't take him long to realize what was on the end of his line.
"We knew it was big fish, and when he came to the surface we kind of realized, 'Holy crap. How Are we going to get this thing into the boat now,'" said Panipinto.
He said it felt like reeling in a small car. It was challenging just trying to find a spot on the boat to bring the fish back to shore.

At the big weigh in, the monster grouper was given the title of the biggest fish in tournament history.

So what do you do with a catch that big? Panipinto donated it to a local fish house.


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I thought giant grouper were a protected species like Sturgeon are here - they must be on the rebound.

That is one HUGE fish. Wonder if he'd survive in Hagg ;)
Jewfish/Goliath grouper and Gag grouper were the ones doing bad because they hang out in more shallow water. Not sure if Warsaw were protected or not. Still, I would feel pretty poor about killing a giant fish.
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