Floating partners for Umpqua River?

It's that time of year for Small Mouth Bass action on the Umpqua River. If anyone is interested floating this river for a day or two or three get in contact with me. Fishing will be great from now until the end of Sept. and maybe into Oct. There's sections of the river where all kinds of inflatables can be used and other sections where a more rigid boat is nice but not necessary as every rapid/chute can be portaged around. If your interested in catching 70-100+ hard fighting bass a day on all types of lures, flys, and baits get in touch with me! It's an awesome fishery and am really looking forward to fishing it lots this year!! :D

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no pictures yet but a kayaker fishing for surfperch report seeing at least one transient Orca (Biggs) Killer Whale hunting sea lions in the lower Umpqua...makes me want to head down and cheer them on from my kayak...
Yeah cheering on a orca while its eating seals in a kayak sounds like a grand time! lol

I mostly fish around Elkton but will probably learn more of the river this year.


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Can I tag along with a River Rat inflatable? It has 4 beer holders lol. I wish sometimes I still had my pontoon.
Can I tag along with a River Rat inflatable? It has 4 beer holders lol. I wish sometimes I still had my pontoon.
I'm sure it would work in some parts of the river, and my pontoon has 4 beer holders too!! lol

Dave has spare pontoons and Ted just bought another Pontoon so he has a spare too unless he sells his old one.
Have made two different over night floats so far this year. Fishing has been good and will only get better. Get in touch if you want to experience some good fishing !!
Well I only floated the Umpqua twice last year mostly due to me breaking my arm in early August. This year ill hopefully make up for my lack of fishing last year. If anyone is interested in floating and fishing for smallies on this great river get in contact.

Doing a day float tomorrow will report back on how we do.

Tight lines!
i can't wait to move to oregon so i can enjoy the rivers.
i would love to float down the unpqua as it is close to where we will live in cottage grove & our winchester bay cottage.


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Well I may have to join in on the fun as I live on the North Umpqua in Winchester. I think i need to fix an oar on my pontoon and should be somewhat ready


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I just saw that there is a Tournament out of Elkton the 5th and 6th. The rules say 3 to a drift boat, last time I drove by the river looked low.