Fishing with scent for steelhead?


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What is your guys take on using scent for winter steelhead? last I was on the river, another fisherman tell me he thought that to much scent can shy away steelhead...
I like pro-cure sand shrimp super gel on my beads and the oil for yarnies.


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That’s interesting, I’ve never heard that before. I use scent sometimes but steelhead are not nearly as sensitive as salmon when it comes to scents. Not necessary at all, they will hit a bead or jig whether it has scent or not. I mostly use scent or bait when the water is higher and OFF color. I’ve caught more steelhead without scent, then again it can’t hurt, right?
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I like dipping my yarnies into the egg juice in the container my eggs are in. The regular scents I like to use are craw-anise or anise-bloody tuna. not sure it helps but no evidence that it hurts. I also tend to use it more in lower vis water.

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Scent up some ear plugs, bullet type. your color choice, vacuum pack in your desired scent. Fish like a bead. Tony