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Here's a list of some of my favorite fishing books. If you can find them, get them. They are chock full of valuable information. Which will serve to enhance your fishing experiences in our great state. Good luck, and tight lines!

Fishing in Oregon, by Madelynne Diness Sheehan / Flying Pencil Publications / 2013 (11th Ed.) / 399 pages

Spinner fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout, by Jed Davis (the BIBLE of spin fishing) / 1985 / Amato Pub. / 97 pgs.
(NOTE: get a 1st or 2nd edition if you can find one--for the color plates of his spinner designs)

Complete Angler's Guide to Oregon, by John Shewey / Wilderness Adventures Press, Inc. / 2007 (1st Ed.) / 419 pgs.
(there is a newer 2nd edition on the market too)

Illustrated Rigging for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout by Robert H. Campbell / Amato Publications / 2007 / 144 pgs.

Spoon Fishing for Steelhead, by Bill Herzog (infamous Oregon guide and writer) / Amato Publications / 1993 / 64 pgs.

Fenwick: Fenwick's History and Rods, by Victor R. Johnson, Jr. / EP Press / 180 pgs.
(VERY hard to find, by can order DVD copy from Vic at

Oregon's Top Fishing Maps / A collection of the most requested map features printed in Fishing & Hunting News / Amato Pub. / 2011

Guide to Lake & Stream Trout Fishing, by Bill Herzog / Amato Pub. / 1994 / 48 pgs.

Steelhead Drift Fishing, by Bill Luch / Amato Pub. / 1976, 1982 / 94 pgs.

Fishing the Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout, by Les Johnson / pub. by NW Salmon Trout Steelheader / 1971 / 64 pgs.
(newer editions available too)

Trolling Truths for Trout, Kokanee, and Landlocked Kings, by Sep & Marilyn Hendrickson / Amato Pub. / 2012 / 88 pgs.

Float Fishing for Steelhead: Techniques & Tackle, by Dave Vedder / Amato Pub. / 1995 / 63 pgs.

What Fish See, by Colin J. Kageyama, O.D. / Amato Pub. / 1999 / 184 pgs.

FOOTNOTE: there are a LOT of similarities between "Fishing in Oregon" and "Complete Angler's Guide to Oregon". However in my estimation there are enough differences to warrant buying both books.

Good luck, and tight lines!
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Books from Amato Publishing are generally always a good investment.

"Spoon Fishing for Steelhead, by Bill Herzog" for instance is a favorite of mine because it goes into the history of spoon fishing and development.

"Illustrated Rigging for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout by Robert H. Campbell" a must have for someone starting out with salmon and steel head. It also good for older guys looking for new ideas. An other book along the same lines is Scott Haugen's 300 Tips to More Salmon and Steelhead.

I'll admit to being a fishing book junkie. I enjoy reading them and finding new places to fish. I also like to compare my experience to what has been written.

The Flying Pencils books are also a great source of entertainment and information. Ames Fishing the Oregon Country is a classic as is the series by Scott Richmond with Endless Seasons, Fishing the Cascade Lakes, and Fishing Oregon's Deschutes. The cover on Richmond's books have awesome artwork. One day while fishing the Deschutes I had the luck to meet John Laursen. He is the artist that did the work on the cover of Richmond's book. What a great guy. He gave me a couple of his flies and explained how he tied them. Sometimes meeting folks on the river can be a quality experience, and creates a memory that last a life time.

One of my all time favorites is the Amato Published book "Curtis Creek Manifesto by Sheridan Anderson. That book is full of information, but it is the way that Sheridan presents it, that make it another classic. Sheridan Anderson could have well have been a character in one of Pat McManus tales.

Great topic T.D very happy you posted this.
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You're very welcome. The list that I shared is but a fraction, of my personal collection. Call me a book nerd, I suppose. LOL

It looks like the only Scott Richmond book that I have, is "Fishing in Oregon's Cascade Lakes" from 1994. And it was a neat surprise, to me, to find that it was published by Flying Pencil Publications in Scappoose. However the cover art credit is noted as that of Guy Jacobson. John Laursen got the props for "book and cover design". It's still cool that you got to meet him, out on the 'Chutes! Maddy Diness Sheehan got credits for the maps; and Jed Davis got a not for his review of fishing with lures. Guess I need to dig into that book, a little deeper. LOL

I love perusing used book shops for gems. Like my original 1971 classic copy of Washingtonian Les Johnson's, "Fishing the Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout". As well as my 1985 copy of Izaak Walton's "The Compleate Angler". Which is the book that started it all. Being first published in 1653! Yes folks; that is NO typo. ha ha ha

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Izaak was a couple years ahead of me in school. I did hear he like to fish.

That is one book I have yet to acquire. Sounds like a fathers day hint to one of my kids.

Flying Pencil but out some good books. Two others I like are by Bob Ellsberg "Steelheadng for the Simple-Minded and Salmonfishing for the Simple-minded.

I did some checking and it was Vic Erickson that I met not John Laursen. It was a few years ago, I know I have a good memory, it's just that it is not very long.

Collecting fishing books can be addictive, for sure.


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Izaak's book is not an easy read, by any stretch. As it was written in Olde World English.

I'll have to look for those Ellsberg volumes. Thanks for the tip!

P.S. You're "hard drive" must be getting full, like mine. Mine is beginning to truncate some of those faded memories.