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I made this sticker to easily measure lingcod on the floor of my boat. Word got out and I have a few stores selling them. I've put almost no effort into selling them.

You can get them at Bandon Bait, Bite's On in North Bend, Y Marina in Coos Bay and all the Englund stores. (I just got the Englund PO today so they won't have them for a few weeks)

In case anyone wants one with your boat name on it I'll throw this out there.

Tell me the name of your favorite tackle shop and I'll reach out to them. (Contact name would be super helpful) If they buy at least 10 I'll make a custom Fish Tape for your boat for free...shipping included.


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Very nice Mr. Ace. BTW...sold my Jeep a couple of months ago (with the very first OFF logo still on it...thanks again for puttin' that on for me). Now some other poor ol' slob will get blamed for fishing illegally; and I won't give OFF anymore bad cred. ;-)
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