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gonna hit the clackamas river in gladestone for winter steelhead soon .any advice for a first timer ? I Will be bank angling .
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Welcome to OFF. There have been HUNDREDS of books, magazine articles, blogs and what not written on the subject of Steelhead fishing. So it isn't even remotely easy to tell you how do be successful. With just a few short paragraphs. So here's the advice that I have for you:

1. Don't give up after your first outing. In fact don't give up period. Only those who keep after it, become successful. Steelhead are not easy to catch. So you WILL return home SKUNKED many times. It takes a LOT of time and practice, to figure it out.

2. Watch what others are doing. Look at HOW they are rigging up, and what they are using. Especially those who are catching the fish. Take notes and try the same things yourself.

3. Scour the archived threads on here, for lots of valuable information, that has been shared by our members.

4. Read and understand the regulations, before you head out. Law enforcement OFFicers EXPECT you to know the regs. Period. If there's anything you are unsure of, then ask. Doing that will help you avoid citations, which can be an expensive lesson.

5. Remember that the best fishing, in streams, is "on the drop". After rainfall when the water begins to return to green, instead of a muddy brown. And the best times are early in the morning, and late in the evening. But there ARE fish that are caught mid-day too.

6. Repeats steps 1 through 4.

Also...if you let us know what method you plan to use...we can better OFFer some suggestions. Will you be fly fishing, casting eggs, tossing spinners or spoons, etc?

Good luck and tight lines. Let us know how you do.

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