First ocean fishing with Pepper


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here is the video from our first ocean fishing outing on our 2019 Outback. I made a long post over at the NWKA forum for anyone interested in how we got to this.

big sea lion charging us is at 5:20 in the video.

fish totals: 4 lingcod (2 released), 1 cabezon (released), 5 black rockfish (2 that were a bit under 2# released), 2 heavy ocean crabs.

species that Pepper and I have now caught from a kayak:
jack Coho, adult Coho, jack Chinook, black and copper rockfish, kelp greenling, lingcod, cabezon, dungeness crab (Siuslaw, CoosBay, ocean), rainbow trout, SRC, SM bass, LM bass, yellow perch.
remaining on our list: adult Chinook, California Halibut.