I finally got the surgery on my lower back. I had one almost a year and a half ago and that took care of most of it but not all. So on the 15 theygot the rest of it. Legs are working like they should and I should not be falling any more. However the best part, well for me, is I won't be having to sell my 2012 18' 7 " Duckworth Navigator that sits in the shop when not being fished. I even went so far as to put a set of steps in my boat so I could get in and out of it....period. I had no strength in my legs and did not know when they would fail me. But now they are working right, and for me that is really good. It only took a little longer than 5 years to get it done, politics, neck scars and other things but it is finally done and I am happy, a little sore still but happy.


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Glad you are up and moving. Had a couple back surgeries myself and they did get my wheels moving again.
Understand that, what really scared me the most was if I went over the side, especially in cold water. I have a swim platform/ladder on the back but that could be a long ways away from the bow.


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I'd love to learn your Gem Lake not-so-secret now, fishing method. Good luck out there.
Thank you, an walk now without a walking staff for short distance and do an up, at beginning, round trip of about 200 yds with no problem. I could not do that before, so I am gaining.

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