Went to a pond for a couple hours after work and was able to land three fish in the 2-3 lb range....been a while almost forgot what catching bass was like :p anyway it seems that pre-prespawn is getting going these three were in less than 2' of water and HUNGRY!! amazing what just two days of decent temps can do. tried to UL pics but wont let me for some reason.
any places to fish for bass in the portland metro area, and some simple tackle and techniques that would work?
Your pics are probably to big. That's the most common reason they wont load, for me any way. Try resizing them see how it works.
Were the fish very lethargic and easy to catch or were they awake and fighting
Finneus Polebender
tomriker said:
Were the fish very lethargic and easy to catch or were they awake and fighting

the one I caught monday actually made one run still not scrappin but not the dead weight of january ,cool deal there darth like I said I think they are as tired of waiting on spring as we are and are waking up hungry!
Not too much of a fight.....but i was pulling them through some pretty heavy slop that was still on top. In fact the wife got a top water hit on it too.
Throbbit _Shane
very nice! might have to go bass fishing this weekend :D
got some of the pics up :)
Throbbit _Shane
i think i know that spot. lol. are u bass fishing this weekend?
Nice bass, I'll wait a little longer to try for them, still holding out for some springers.
Well Done Bro.
Those are Beauties.
Finneus Polebender
Nice got the pics up healthy lookin little guys !
Thanks guys :) @Shane yeah most likely have been just about every one so far......sceptre not much luck LOL (that's what the trout are for) not sure where though selmac prolly
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