Hit our local central coast stream this morning with mosd and we finally broke the skunk. We went 6-9 with 2 keepable fish. Kind of wet but the salmon sure didn't seem to mind. We actually found a clipped coho on our little river, I guess the steelheader boys aren't the only ones who can catch keeper ho's in our kneck of the woods.
Had a great time, BIG THANKS to mosd for the opportunity to fish in style. Can't wait to get out there again.
nice job. Persistance pays off.
Way to go!

anytime, gonna try again this sat/sun... wish i would have brought my camera but the phone cam had to do this trip also, a cooler/fish box would be nice... fish blood is a pain to clean outta a boat
lookikg forward to hitting it hard this weekend
nice work, man...i think its safe to say the salmon are thick!
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