Fern Ridge Lake?

Passed by the lake (Fern Ridge Lake, West of Eugene) today on the way to visit the coast.

Why is it so low? Is it a seasonal/rain thing?

Not used to controlled water flow around here yet, I've had a few people ask my if the Willamette was low....but haven't seen much fluctuation?

I had planned to fish the dam last weekend but glad I didn't drive out there.
Fern Ridge Res has always interested me. I think it's the warm water species found there. I don't really hear a lot of specific information on how to fish it, though. All of the bullheads I've caught there were tiny.
Wouldn't low levels actually concentrate the fish and make strategic targeting of them easier? I've wondered that while driving past Lookout Res also.
Fern ridge is a regulating reservivor used to control flooding along the course of the Long Tom river. That is the entire reason for it's existence, according to what I've read.
They drain if down every year to provide storage for the upcoming rainy season.
Still, you can fish what water there is by walking over the dam.