Feeling mo better

I realize to many this may not make sense but to a few they will understand. I got my SCS temp on Monday.What is an SCS, it is a spinal cord stimulator and for 4 days now I have been almost totally pain free. after many years of trying to get something done, shots, back surgery's etc we may have found something that finally works. For the info of some of you I used to fish Diamond upwards of 8 to 12 times per summer, then things started going bad and I am now lucky to get up there once or twice a year. I used to know the lake well enough that on a slow day it would take me a couple of hours to limit for two people. This year well maybe this fall I can get in some time. Heck mowing my grass is out of the question right now. Just an easy way to tell you what the back pain is like, imagine this you are standing up and then somebody takes a plastic bat and hits you oh say about as hard as they can in the lower back. that is for just about 4 minutes of light walking. So for me 4 days of no pain is like WOOOOOW. Just a couple more steps and if I am lucky only one more surgery and I can get back to some light hunting and fishing. Heck with a little luck I can even handle the front and side anchors for my boat. I plan on taking that new golden boy ..45 out for a test run. Thanks for listening DLC


Good for you! Those who haven't experienced debilitating back pain probably won't understand how glorious it is to spend even one day without pain, much less 4. I do. I am carefully celebrating with you.


I had to look that one up. Very interesting stuff. Hope it continues to work for you. I've never had chronic back pain but know a young man I'll be passing this info to.
Migraines are my nemesis and I was scanning that material pretty hard to see if they used it for that. :(


That's awesome news Gem Lake master! I've recently been freed from DAILY migraines. So I can totally relate. I also have head, neck, and spinal pain due to a demyelinating disease (sp?) [same category as MS]. So thanks for sharing your success story. I will look into SCS for myself. And I hope that you have long term success with it!!!

@00Swede I'm sending you a PM so we don't hijack Charlie's thread.
went to doc today and they took off the temp. Pain was pretty much gone, attitude better and one other thing I did not expect.I had some major loses of energy to the point I sometimes wondered if I would make it back. Never had a single episode. for those interested

https://www.bostonscientific.com/ & https://www.controlyourpain.com/ lots of good info. Thanks for the support forgot to tell you I go in on 3 august for the permanent set up.
I am now what we used to call a short timer, crawled under a small frog today and tickled it's belly, man you should have seen it jump. Only 3 days and a wake up till with any luck I get my life back.. A few days ago I went to pick some plums n apples, that area is on a small incline and I had my walking staff with me. I had to take a break when I got there, walked maybe 100 ft or less and another one when I got back down to the flat land. I have a nice brick wall around my home to keep the upper land from sluffing off into my home. I rested a couple of minutes to get my back straight and walked to the back porch, about 30 ft, using my walking staff and side rail I started up the steps. At the next to the last step my legs stopped working and I took a good header, the thing that hurt the worst was I bruised some of the fruit. Next day I had this nice bruise on my shoulder. Ya it hurt but I have been hurt worse. Since that time I have come really close to going down again a couple of times so I have to be really careful. I am looking forward to this surgery for the SCS as I know it will help. The really bummer part of all of this is I have only been able to go fishing once this year and did not even break out a pole. I was fortunate that I had somebody to help with the anchors and mooring lines.