Extension cord

Hey does anyone have a tip on how to roll up one of those orange extension cords so that it is not tangled or knotted up when I take it out to use it again.
Fine Homebuilding just had an article on this. While there are a number of ways to roll/coil cords, they recommend coiling the cord like you would a garden hose, in loops over your hand. This reduces fatigue, twisting and possible damage to the inner wires.
You can also use the "crochet loop"...depending on the length.
I wrap mine over my hand and elbow and then take the end, wrap it around the whole works and plug it in at the other end.....I have 5 and it works great....hmmmmmm here I thought everyone knew that....

my mom gave up trying to teach me to crochet....hehe
Raincatcher said:
You can also use the "crochet loop"...depending on the length.

That's what I use to do with my long cords, I learned it from a "Rock Climber" they use that so the ropes don't get tangled when they are thrown from the top of the rocks.
Nothing like sliding down the rope only to be stopped by a tangle when your dangling in mid air! LOL
Wad them up and stuff them in a plastic bi-mart bag, next time you need them it's a wonderful experience:rolleyes: you would think after all these years I would learn:redface:

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