There was like the eclipse of the century, Oregon was like the best spot on the globe to watch it, and there is no single picture no single word about it??!!

​​​​​​​The eclipse above Madras, Oregon. Aubrey Gemignani/NASA


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Nasa had a plane flying at 35000 feet to take pics and stuff, when I heard that I kept my camera in the bag. No point risking it ☺

It was an experience of a life time though. The pics do not tell even half the story. The errie light, not really twilight but somewhat similar, the temperature drop, the awestruck neighbors...all these add up. It was somewhat like being in a horror movie without the zombies showing up. And the crescent shaped lights filtering through the tree leaves.. Don't think I could have asked for a better farewell from Oregon!


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We were at Tugman state park and it was surprising how the temperature dropped.Also my wife noted that all the dandelions closed,then as the sun was coming back,they started to re-open.Pretty cool


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I was working under a school portable. When I came out I saw my shadow and darted back under. 6 more weeks of summer everyone!!!


TimberTodd;n606588 said:
I was working under a school portable. When I came out I saw my shadow and darted back under. 6 more weeks of summer everyone!!!
As long as it ain't 1,000 freakin' degrees; I'd be down widdat. Although rain means Ho's, Nooks, and Shrooms oh my!


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I sat in my back yard with my 2 kids and wife for an hour, after a half hour put on Dark Side of the Moon and thoroughly enjoyed it! Last song on the album is Eclipse and it started about 2 minutes after the eclipse peak here in Eugene and I didn't try to time it.

" And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"

The temp drop and darkness were so eerie and simply amazing. So glad I got to experience it with my family, I will never forget it!


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it was amazing, in Corvallis we had roughly 90 seconds of totality when it was safe to view with your bare eyes, just amazing. This was my second NW total eclipse! (Hanford WA, 1979)

here it is getting close to totality, each bit of sun coming through the tree has become a cresent...the tree becoming thousands of pin-hole cameras.


FYI- some of the media info was a bit OFF, lots of the reporting made it sound like you could never look at the eclipse, but that is the magic of a total eclipse during totality...