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Any Anglers From east oregon? Want to know about more rivers around Here I've only fished the Umatilla River about 15 miles west of Pendleton with no luck. Im still new at steelhead fishing and have been drift fishing don't know if I'm doing it right or what don't have anyone around that fishes. I'd appreciate any comments and advice about steelhead fishing thank you!


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Welcome to OFF.

I'm not familiar, with that area. However the John Day, Imnaha, Wallowa, and Grand Ronde rivers will soon heat up for Summer-Run Steel.

Hopefully someone else can chime in, with Winter-run tips.
Check your inbox. Also I was under the impression all steelhead that are east of the cascades are summers it just takes them so long to get there and populate the upper portions of the river that it's more winter time when your catching them. Pretty sure this is the case but I've been wrong before.
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The fishing on the Wallowa has been really hot lately. Wait for the water levels to drop back down and you should be able to land some fish.
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