East Lake 8/31


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Wife said "take the labs and leave".. so I did.
She is staining the deck and didn't want us around so how could I resist.
Took off at 0430 and still was late at the ramp. 7 trailers and 1 boat already loading up with 2 limits @ 0745. The gentleman said its a early bite and wasn't kidding.
Ran over to the north side (10mph) in 150ft and dropped the downriggers to 30 and 40ft.
First limit in 1hr and second in 1hr 45 min .. 5 fish limit . Released 10 more in the next couple of hrs but no browns
All getting hook jaw but still decent shape .. firm meat and bright orange And great fighters. They at least trip the release. All 15-16 inch plus 1 trout.
Sunrise hoochie with a silver blade early and then Brads.. Anything orange. Corn was Bloody tuna and Kokanee sauce with tuna.
Met some great people,a perfect day almost no wind and gin clear water
My favorite lake in central or.



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Sounds like a great trip.We were checking out the area last weekend and the water was very green there as well as Paulina