Early morning gold


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That is really cool @igquick ! I don't think I have ever seen a fully scaled mirror carp before. That is really wild looking. The goldfish is funny. Many years ago there used to be some kind of monster looking goldfish or koi in Commonwealth Lake. I would see it every once in a while. It was like a glowing fluorescent orange looking fish slowly moving through the water. I would guess it was close to 10 pounds. I am not sure if anyone ever caught it or if it just died of old age.

Congrats on the carp numbers! My arms are tired just thinking about reeling in that many carp!


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@bass there are surprisingly a lot of koi in the ponds and lakes around that area of portland, just never got the chance to go for them.

There have been about 10 moments where I had two carp on both rods at the same time, and that was a handfull. Some onlookers would walk near my area, see me with a fishing rod in hand, and another rod pinned between my teeth while having line peeled on both rods. They would walk away from me thinking I'm crazy.

@Gulfstream catch and release. I can't keep fish, especially the baby ones that make squeal and grunting noises. They have too much personality.
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