E. Oregon draw tag questions


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Over the last few years I've accumulated enough 100 series preference points to split with myself and a buddy. Just wondering what unit we should draw where we'd have a good shot at decent muley bucks and whitetail bucks. I'm thinking any of the units in northeast Oregon (Desolation, Ukiah, etc.)
Not looking to trophy hunt for B&C class bucks, but appreciated, just looking to put some miles on our boots to get a chance at a decent buck.
I'm open to suggestions and like I said I'd be splitting my points with a buddy so it'd we'd be going for the experience to hunt over east more than trophy caliber


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You can go on ODFW website and look at hunt statistics and how many preference points it takes to draw a tag, hope this helps. good luck.


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I think every one of those units in Eastern Oregon gives you a pretty decent chance at taking a really nice buck. Plus almost every one of those units OFFers a gem of a river/pond/lake that has some amazing fishing :thumb:

My hunting partner and I are currently looking into both the Desolation and the Steens units. One thing you might want to keep in mind is how do you plan on hunting? Are you on a ATV/side-by-side or will you be backpacking it, or will you just be in the truck? Some of those units have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of glassing.

Good luck, and I hope to see a monster picture this coming season.


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Ideally we'd set up a spike camp from a trail head and hike from and to camp each day. Neither of us are afraid to put miles on our boots each day. We'd also be wanting to sit and glass for bucks

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