Dorena Reservoir 7-25-20 mixed bag


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On the water about 11 today on the "Crappie Crappie"

Fished the north end and battled the wind down the east side until about 4pm

Nice bass, 4lbs 4oz on a beaver style punching bait

Lost another in the weeds at the side of the boat, unfortunately decent size, about 2lbs or so

I don't know what kind of weeds they are, they look like underwater bamboo then split into "Y"s at the surface, with smaller lavender style pink flowers/blooms, stem is green/red

Caught a bunch of tiny smallmouth on my go-to trout worm, as well as some small perch


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It looks like some of the decent fish stay up shallow there in summer, that's good to know. Do you know the water temp?