Door panels

Been doing some acupuncture to get ride of some nephropathy pain caused by sugar diabetes as well as some other stuff. Went in today and found this on the back of the door. Funny how things can be done. How much fun would it be to run into a big ol hairy creature with a face like that.I did a little messing with the photo and ended up with the second one



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That's funny!

BTW this doesn't have anything to do, with functions / operations of this forum. So I moved your topic, to a more suitable heading.


Years ago, a few of us hiked up the head waters of the Clackamas, past Three Lynx, just to see what was up there. We must have been a good 12 to 15 miles (at least it felt that way) from the nearest road. As we walked, we would take a break to cast a fly or nymph into the pools and riffles, just to see what would take. As we came around a bend, we noticed the pool was a little larger, almost inviting for a swim to cool off. I had just cast my Teeny nymph across the pool, letting it slide under some of the overhanging brush when something splashed into the pool. At first I thought someone from our group had tossed a rock in to fool with me. A few minutes later, another rock, this time bounced into the brush behind us. My first thought was, kids or someone trying to spook us. My room mate, an ex Navy spec ops type, quietly made his way over to the opposite bank, and up around the hill. We saw him pop up over the rim above the pool, telling us that he did not see anyone around. Then from the brush on the opposite end of the pool, we all heard what sounded like a gutteral grunt, followed by a few whoops, that definitely sounded like they came from the monkey exhibit at the zoo. We heard some crashing through the brush, that sounded like whatever it was had enough of us and was off. We never did see anything, but all four of us agreed on what we had heard. Who knows...maybe it was him?

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