Dog days of summer

The wife made it official. We are getting rid of our dog. I am checking here and with friends before going to meet with the humane Society . We got the dog from the Portland Humane society when she was 8 or 9 months old and was told she was full grown. She doubled in size and is too big for us.

* 3 years old
*micro chipped
*husky/Border collie mix
* Color pattern is black in white with shades of brown. Short haired

She would probably do better with older kids. She is a very active and really needs more room to run around.
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that's too bad. you have a photo or 2?
Thanks, it has been a tough decision but making the call to set up the meeting with the humane society was the worst of it. As far as pictures go yeah I will get them on here this evening.
I'd take her if I didn't already have two dogs. sorry for the loss.

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awwww she is sooo cute....I already have a dog and a will find her a good home, I am sure.
How much does she weigh?
Too bad man. That's a good looking dog. :(
Look at those sad eyes. She knows whats comming. How could you part with that? I'd give up my 1st born before I would part with my dog. Well maybe not JK. Hope you find her a good home.
She is about 90lbs. If our situation wasn’t what it is we would keep her. She is a good dog.
joesnuffy said:
that's too bad. you have a photo or 2?

Bunches of pictures. I can post more if requested. Its just too bad we are sending her away.
After checking with friends and family we found a good home for our dog. Finally dropped her off today. thanks,.
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