Diamond n vets veterans fishing event

Monday is the 6 th annual Veterans Fishing Day at Diamond.. You have to register for it as it is limited in size and for this year they are full., if you are interested for next year let me know and I can give you the information. What the Vets get is a Free Breakfast and Lunch at the lodge and there is a boat that will take you out on the lake for fishing. Most/all of the boats are volunteers and then they have the Charter boat available for over flow and non-ambulatory. It was started by yours truly in June of 2013 and has evolved to a really nice thing. There are two things the Veteran needs, first is transportation and second is a fishing license. There is no other cost to the vet except what the vet decides to spend. Diamond Lake Lodge has been very very gracious to this event and to the vets. On a personal basis I would like to thank Dick n Ken for taking the event over when I hit a brick wall and could not do it any more as they have done a wonderful job in evolving this event to what it is. They are also tied in with the Purple Heart Anglers out of Sacramento Ca and they have provided wonderful support.This event has had some pleasant memories for me as I had a Grand daughter bring her grand father, I had a WWII vet and then I had a wife of a vet bring her husband and when I offered to make sure she went on the same boat she offered to PAY me to leave her ashore. As it turned out her husband and I were both at the ampib base in Coronado Calif at the same time, just different units. A gentlemen, Paul, has been with this event since the inception and he was a little worried about vets but one of the vets he took out has become a good friend and to the best of my knowledge has been to the event every year and on Pauls boat. The original idea came from a news paper article where the Wounded Warriors were taking a couple of Vets fishing on the Rogue River and that sparked an idea of taking a couple of Vets up to fish and buying them breakfast. I contacted a friend of mine, Lyle, about doing the same thing and he took the idea and ran with it. Next thing I knew was that I had people calling me offering to help and now it is in its 6th year. Other than support from the Purple Heart Anglers, there is no Veterans Organization support as all the support comes from donations and from some hard work from Ken and Dick.This event has always been held on a Wednesday for a certain reason, many vets are uncomfortable in crowds, I know I am, so it was decided by me to put in on a Wed, when most of the crowds are gone and for the most part vets are more comfortable with there brothers and sisters....I know I am. This year the fishing should be pretty good as they have been catching lots of fish in the 15 inch range and they have also caught some 20 inchers already this year. As some of you may know there are 3 types of trout in Diamond Lake, Rainbow, Tigers and Browns. All Tigers and Browns are to be released as they are in the lake for Tui Chub and Golden Shiner control. Rainbows must be at least 8 inches, limit of 5 with ONE 20 inches or over. A few years ago Diamond was treated and ALL the fish were eradicated and the lake was re-planted with different sizes of Rainbows. Some how chubs got back into the lake and they multiplied, there are 3 possable theroies, one is they were brought over by Osprey or Bald Eagles from Lamola, VERY Doubtful as they fish would have dried and died. Two. Somebody was using them as LIVE BAIT ( not allowed in Diamond) and Third, they were planted by somebody as they samples they got from Diamond traced back to a central point of origin. Any way if you catch a Tiger or a Brown, no matter how much you would like to keep it...return it to the water so we can keep catching the bigger fish. For those of you who do not know, Rotenone , the chemical used to treat the lake is not a poison, it is a NATURAL plant from South America that is used for fishing by the locals of the area it grows. What is does is STOP the gill breathers from being able to absorb the oxygen and being utilized. A large amount of the Tiger trout were purchased by the lodge with the help of donations from various event(s), and if I remember correctly a tiger is a cross between a Brooke and a Brown and it was chosen because it will go into the shallows after the small chub, something a Rainbow may not do. Thank you for listening/reading and enjoy this season of fishing. All pics are from Diamond, the second is myself and some of the captains from the boats and a fish from this year.